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Every year in January we make new year’s resolutions.  We take a fresh look at what we are doing, and make a decision to do something better the next time round.  The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is our national resolution to improve health care, and this is the last year before it goes into effect. In this historic year, the way we  prepare for this change will affect its success and shape the future of medicine.
While most of  the changes included in the ACA will dramatically improve our medical care system, a few of its aspects feel like the same old slide downhill.  Our medical office has been receiving letters from various insurance plans asking if we intend to participate in the products they will offer on the insurance exchange, the new “marketplace” for buying and selling insurance plans.  One company sent us an invitation to contract differently for each of their tiered products:  gold, silver and bronze.  Their plan was to pass the cost differential directly on to…