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Cash for Clunkers and EMR's

Our household has had the dubious honor of being deeply and directly affected by some of the major initiatives contained in the economic stimulus package. My husband, who is a sales manager at Mid City Motor world has been working long, busy days trying to accommodate the rush of car buyers flooding in to take advantage of the “Cash for Clunkers” program, while our pediatric office, with the promise of future reimbursement for “meaningful use” of an EMR, has begun the process of converting to electronic medical records.
The cash for clunkers program is meant to reduce carbon emissions by encouraging people to turn in gas guzzlers and purchase more fuel efficient vehicles, but questions remain as to the overall benefit. Cash for Clunkers does not reduce, recycle or reuse in the least. The clunkers must be destroyed and sent to landfills,—so no used vehicles come out of the transactions to sell again, and no parts can be gleaned for resale. Jobs involved with used car sales and p…